Dream - 02/04/2002 (Influenced by Kane Pretender?)
This morning, I dreamt that I was in a place where I used to
live in the early 1990s and was fixing a castle lego set.
Then, I recall going to the underworld where the Greek
Hades, lord of the dead is. I don't recall this correctly,
but I think that I was in face of the lord of the dead.
Then, I recall going into an "All Dogs go to heaven" schene
and being knocked into the water and heading through a
heavenly gate. I recall trying to come down to earth in a
spirit form and appeared that the spirit with me was fading
on a public street.
     Suddenly, the dream changed and I was in my grandma's
house and it was really strange. There was a bunch of boys
and my brother making a disaster out of it and going into
the attic to play some sort of weird game. I wanted to go
upstairs to find out what this game was about because for
some reason I felt that they didn't belong up there because
my iRL grandma's house is said to have a spiritual
passageway up there, but then the boys came downstairs. I
felt that they were making such a ruckus and didn't belong
in there.
     The boys I recall ran out to one of their homes and
then came back again. I recall that they were fooling around
the basement door as well. It appeared that I was waiting
for my mother to come pick me up and I recall going out
front to see if she was pulling in. Suddenly, I had a false
awaking where it appeared that I woke up in bed with my
brother at my other grandma's house (who has been dead for a
long time) and my brother woke up as well.
     He was telling me that he had the same dream that I had
being in my grandma's house. Then, I was telling him about
the dream and with his friends there. He told me that we
needed to rest because something wasn't right. My brother
wanted to drink something that was already in there while I
wanted to get me some juice to drink. I left and went down
the hall into the living room as the bedroom that I was in
was my father's old bedroom.
     I went through the living room where I thought I saw my
father sleeping on the sofa. I still had the feeling that I
was waiting for my mom to come get me and bring me home. I
went into the kitchen to get myself some juice to drink and
was thinking to myself "Share Dream". Then, I woke up for
real and was really grobbing and hot with a bad headache. I
had to stay in sickbed for the latter part of the day
because I really didn't have the energy to do anything.