Dream - 01/30/2002 (Influenced by Kane Pretender?)
This morning I dreamt that I went to my grandma's house with
a bunch of plushies. I had the feeling of being stuck there
and liking it for some reason. Then, I recall being in a
room that had symbols of some sort up on a board. After
that, I found myself being home and missing being there. At
home, I was in the kitchen like if it was the next day. I
recall talking to my mom about a dream that I had (which I
can't recall what the dream was about) and she said
something about that we're going to my grandma's house.
     The table and chairs appeared to become the transport
as the chairs appeared to be traveling us there. In my
grandma's house, I recall that my brother had some sort of
BB gun and was taking shots at birds flying overhead in a
darking sky. Then, I recall that the bunch of symbols was my
dream that I had and went to where that board was to see it.
It seemed that the symbol thing has been taken down off the
board for some reason and looked through the taken down
stuff to see if I could locate it.
     While I was looking for, my aunt who appeared to be
Julie Ann said, "If you are looking for that symbol thing,
it isn't in there and was taken back to the school". I
answered saying, "The reason I was looking for it was that
it appeared to be a dream that I had". "I'm sure you had a
dream like that", Julie Ann responded. Then, it appeared
that I went to another room and my brother was telling me
where the BB gun was. Then, I was picking up the BB gun off
of a shelf for some reason.
     Back in the living room of my grandma's house, it
looked like I had x-ray vision or something because looking
upward, I could see a bird flying overhead on a darking sky.
For some reason, I went to take shots, but I was missing and
seeing the bird disappearing over a horizon. Then, I saw
another bird straight ahead. I went to try to take aim, but
saw the bb got stuck in the window screen. Then, the bird
     I went into the library/den and saw a bunch of blue
color birds that were small outside and tried to take aim
again, but saw the bb get stuck in the window screen again.
I wanted to open that window, but then I felt that something
came over me and dropped the bb gun. Then, I was outside
petting the blue color birds sadly for a bit. I felt that
then I became happy and that I was doing wrong as I woke up.