Dream - 01/24/2002 (Influenced by Kane Pretender?)
This morning I dreamt that I was coming into my grandma's
house via the front door instead of the backdoor which was
more commonly used. I came into an area that looked like it
may have been filled with old stored away furnature. I
turned to see the front door that I came in from and saw a
town street instead of the country road outside. I made my
way farther inside to see some Tennis Balls (around 30 of
them) on a couch. I was trying to pick them up and fool with
them without making a sound.
     Then, I looked to see Ricky (relative) go down into the
basement to fix something down there or to take care of
something. Again, I looked to the Tennis Balls which I saw
that I accidently knocked a couple on the floor, which I
quickly picked up. I look and I thought that Ricky would
come back upstairs or something, but didn't. Then, I looked
into the kitchen to see my grandma coming down the
backstairs into the kitchen. Someone with me in the same
room went to tell grandma that we were here as she appeared
to be getting a cup of coffee.
     Then, I went into the kitchen and was around the left
side of what appeared to be an cupboard island with a sink.
I was suddenly supprised by a dog or something and then
there was some sort of enchantment that did something weird.
The next thing I recall is my grandma looking for a counter
spell for what happened. While waiting, I saw visions like I
was in a field with a castle of something in the distance.
When grandma couldn't seem to find a counter spell, I
started to head in some direction.
     The next think that happened was that the something
that enchanted me came back to try to finish me off, and
entered a battle with it. Then, it seemed to transport me
into some room that looked like I was up in the front
bedroom of where I used to live. Something then happened,
and I recall having tears of anger and the combonation of
love in them. This made me feel that I may have had a hidden
energy that I have not yet realized and that my kindness
here will win out in the toughest time.
     When this happened, I felt that the energy of love
broke the enchantment and defeated the something that was
attacking me. Then, everything was normal and I was back in
the living room of my grandma's house safe and sound. While
I was there looking at the Tennis Balls again, I woke up.