Dream - 01/02/2002 (Influenced by Kane Pretender?)
This morning, I dreamt that my mom was about to take me
somewhere regarding something I found regarding Kane Fox.
What I found according to the dream is that I printed out a
small piece of paperwork that was regarding some sort of
gateway in my grandma's house. For some reason, that piece
of paperwork was missing and I was looking for it because my
mom just asked me to find it. The first folder that I was
going through appeared to have pictures of stuff. As much as
I can tell, the pictures seemed to be pictures of family.
     What I was looking for didn't seem to be in there.
Then, I went over to a corner that had a desk in it and
searched stuff that was there. In that stuff, appeared to be
paperwork with Kane Fox's picture on it, but there was
something different about this Kane Fox. This Kane Fox
appeared to have two white cressents on each side of his
face and his face appeared to be kinda different, kinda
human. I also saw that he still had his blue clothing. Not
finding what I was looking for there, I left and headed to
the opposite side of the room where I for some reason
recalled where some other stuff might be.
     I went over and going through that stuff, I found what
I was looking for. It was a little stapled booklet of paper
with the information about Kane Fox as a kitsune and about
the mythical gateway in my grandma's house. I gave the paper
to my mom and see looked it over, then asked me, "Were you
ever playfully bitten by Kane". I replied, "No, not that I
know up". "That's good because I was reading what it says on
this paper", my mom responded. Then, while I was thinking of
the paper, I woke up.