Dream - 12/27/2001 (Influenced by Kane?)
This morning, I dreamt that I was downstairs in the computer
room, but not on the computer. My brother, as I recall, left
me one of those big cardboard tubes like the one wrapping
paper or a rug was wrapped upon on. The tube was slightly
pushed in and bent on the end facing away from me. When I
spoke through the tube like I was trying to make my voice a
bit louder like on a bullhorn, I heard a soft voice right
after I spoke and couldn't quite get what it was saying. I
spoke again into the tube, this time to hear the soft voice
saying, "Hello there, help me".
     I responded saying "Yes" feeling that I got a ghost and
then it said, "This is Kane, help". A couple seconds later,
I asked into the tube, "Are you a ghost?". "Yes", it
responded. Then, I knew I was communicating to a ghost via
the tube and wanted to communicate more, but then something
happened with the tube that I needed to fix. Atfer I quickly
fixed it, I tried to communicate again, and then my brother
took it on me. I then felt that the only way you can
communicate to Kane with that tube is that you're doing it
with the heart by putting your heart into your voice,
otherwise you wouldn't get a response.
     Just as I got the tube back, I woke up. I'm guessing
that if I found a tube like the one in the dream and spoke
into it putting my heart into my voice, he might just
respond, but I can't guaranteed it working in the waking
world like in the dream world.