Dream - 11/02/2001 (Influenced by Kane?)
This morning I dreamt that I went into this little village
that I found was inhabited by the Todd Clan. While I was
there, I was finding out who there were, the Todd Clan. Just
as I was walking towarded the nearby woods, a little one was
starting to walk up to me and he was saying,
"I'm K-Ka-Kane". He appeared be kinda dark with the
slightest blue. I greeted him and then it seemed that my
sister needed to take me off somewhere. I went down a snow
covered hill away from the Todd Village and then right into
her friends house to hang for a bit.
     Then, she seemed to not needed me and left back towards
the Todd Village. I ran into the Kane Fox kid again and then
it appeared that I went into this place again where Scrooge
McDuck from DuckTales appeared to be sitting behind a desk.
It seemed that I was looking at him instead up conversating
with him. Then, it seemed that I got some of my memory and
thought that I'll just change this to a better place as if I
just caused a Lucid Dream, but when I left and went out to a
field that appeared to be previously cut corn field that
appeared to be red to try to make changes to the
surroundings, it just woke me up. To me, this tells me that
Lucid Dreaming isn't compatible with Kane Fox Dreams.