Dream - 10/05/2001 (Influenced by Kane?)
This morning I dreamt that I went into this playground and
found a couple or orphan boys. Then, I saw this dog leave
them and head to the road. Seeing their dog run off, the two
orphan boys came towarded me. One of them told me that his
name was Kane Fox. A good look at this boy showed that he
appeared to be human other than anthro fox and some blue was
noticed. The other boy, I feel is another fox and friend of
Kane Fox, possibly Jink Fox. The two boys joined me and we
followed the dogs paw prints that appeared to be in snow. We
came to the road and started to follow the paw prints along
side the road.
     As we were following the dogs paw prints, a van pulled
up with my brother and appeared to be driven by my younger
sister. We got into the van and my brother was saying
something about the dog getting into an accident down the
road. My sister started to drive the van down the road and
downhill until we came to what looked like a constuction
area and it seemed the dog was forgotten. Then, we appeared
to slowly be going through the construction area until we
got out of the van at one point and started heading down
what appeared to be a hotel hallway. We came into a room
where there was a TV amd a VCR and a movie was put in and
     I didn't see what movie it was, but on the bed the boy
who called himself Kane Fox came next to me and I can see
him touching me. While touching me in a playful way, I could
feel him and can tell he is a playful loving cute fox
wanting to play and be nice with me, but also his loneliness
was being sensed. Then, I was wondering when are we going to
be continuing home to find out if my mom was going to except
there two orphan boys as part of the family. As I was
wondering, I woke up.