Dream - 09/14/2001 (Influenced by Kane?)
This morning, I dreamt that I was in my grandma's house in
the room next to the library/den that appeared to be the
living room as it was a long time ago. While I was in there,
I saw my grandma. Then, I recall seeing a couple of my
relatives with my grandma talking about a trip to a theme
park. The next thing that happened, is that I was at a theme
park. It appeared that I was near a big tank of water that
looked like a whale tank. Then, I turned to see a field and
a few tennis balls thrown around. I went to pick up a tennis
ball ann looked ahead.
     Looking ahead, I could see a fence. Suddenly, I had a
sense of danger when I didn't see anything and I was coming
back upstairs into my grandma's house. Then, my grandma let
me stay as if she knew what the danger was at the theme park
and I went to hide and play in the library/den. As I went
into the library/den to hide and play, I woke up.