Dream - 08/05/2001 (Influenced by Kane?)
This morning I dreamt that I was leaving my grandma's house
to go lay down in my "Rodentia" spot under the bush as mouse
in a mouse suit. While I was laying there, what I believe
was that a young black sasquatch crawled over me and I could
feel it's paws climbing on me. Then, I was moving and
petting it's black fur and it said something in english that
sounded like "you're really a friendly person" and I said
something like "you can understand me?". Then it responded,
"yes", as it was trying to understand me.
     Suddenly, the sasquatch was gone and I left and head
back towards the house. When I came to the house, it
appeared to be some sort of school where these cartoon
characters/anthrpomorphic animals were coming out like it
was a fire drill. Then, this one character that looked like
"Plucky" from Tiny Toons was saying "you're supposed to save
the duck". I went over to him and when I tried to tell him
about the sasquatch, I suddenly had a hard time remembered
it and picked Plucky up and carried him. Then, I suddenly
realized that I wasn't carrying Plucky, but one of my
stuffed toy characters that looked like Kane Fox. As I was
carrying him around the flower bed, I woke up.