Dream - 07/19/2001 (Influenced by Kane?)
This morning I dreamt that I was going into a wash room to
get my clothes and needed to get dressed. In that room,
there was a valve that was connected to the washing machine
and someone was washing clothes in there. I went into
another room and looked out a window to see cars parked
behind my yard like I was at my old house, some that I
didn't reconized and appeared to be parked in the yard in a
strange way. I then went back into the wash room and started
finding clothes to put on and I thought that I had something
in the washing. So, I turned off the valve and the washer
stopped. Realizing that I didn't have any clothes in there,
I continued to look around. Suddenly, I found my clothes and
started getting dressed.
     While I was getting dressed, I realized the washer was
still off and turned the valve back on. After I turned the
valve back on, my brother came into the room and noticed
that the washer was still on when it was supposed to have
stopped. Suddenly, my brother appeared to be angry at me and
I was trying to apologize, but it didn't seem to work. Then,
I was getting dressed much slower and trying to force it to
go faster. Luckily, I managed to get dressed completely
after my brother was giving me trouble a couple of times. I
left the wash room and headed downstairs. I saw that I was
heading downstairs like it was in my grandma's house and
went out her back way. I noticed that my brother was still
right behind and I headed towards where the woods are in
the back corner of her two acre yard.
     I suddenly saw that it was blocked by some strange
looking trees or plants and I dove under them. I suddenly
noticed that this was the wrong way as I saw it looked like
I had grass or pine needles shoved right into my hands. The
only thing I felt was a tingling feeling as I backed out and
went around the strange trees. As I was going around the
strange trees, I came to where the entrance to the woods
should be but it appeared that it wasn't there anymore. I
turned and suddenly noticed a house and went into it. I went
through to the stair case and went through a door on the
stair case that led into a room that had a front door
leading out into a paved parking lot.
     I suddenly noticed that someone was still behind me and
ran out to the parking lot and ran around the house to the
backdoor where it appeared the woods have changed and it
appeared that I wasn't anywhere near my grandma's house. But
by woods surrounding a parking lot that was on both sides of
the house now. I ran in the backdoor and headed to the same
staircase with the same door on the staircase, but after I
went through it and came to the front door again, the
outside scene changed once again. Once again, I ran outside
and repeated my steps several times under when I ran around
the house, I came to a street by the backdoor and the woods
were gone. Right now, I kinda felt that the house was on the
universal grape vine as it seemed that I was either
traveling through time or I was going through parallel
worlds by repeatedly going through the house.
     When I came to the street that was now behind the
house, I started to follow the street away from the house.
As I was following the street, it suddenly appeared that I
was with my younger sister and behind us my brother looked
like he just became my drunken father. I suddenly felt that
I was in slow motion going up the street and felt that he
was going to catch up to us. Luckily, we made it to the top
of the hill and I turned to the left to see a castle. We
went towards the castle by following a stairway that
appeared to lead downwards to the moat. When we got to the
moat, we went through a rotation door or something and we
came to a drawbridge that appeared to look like a catapult.
     My sister and I saw a guard come through on it and it
was now on our side, we climbed onto it and it appeared to
take us to the castle gate, I noticed that there wasn't any
water in the moat. I suddenly saw a king who seemed upset
and think we just trespassed. I said something like, "Your
majesty, we're sorry for coming over like that. If it was a
problem, we will simply just go back". The king responded
like it was alright and we got up and went into the castle.
As we went into the castle, I suddenly got a flash of
something that said, "we are just about out of time, stay
tuned for more next time". In the castle, I suddenly noticed
a bunch of bright overhead lights like a supermarket of some
     Then, we met some nice people and when I once took one
step down a staircase where only certain people were allowed
to go someone said, "Um, you're not supposed to go down
there". I lifted my foot back off the step and I apologized
saying, "Sorry about that". In response I've gotten, "That's
perfectly okay". Then, we just continued going through the
castle and kept finding dead ends. While wandering around
finding deadends, the vision started to fade away as I woke