Dream - 06/10/2001 (Influenced by Kane?)
I dreamt that I was leaving an apartment that appeared to be
in an apartment complex and walked down a cobble stone
sidewalk that appeared to be near a river following the
river. Then, I walked over a bridge that appeared to have a
cobble stones on it and have a railing made of wood on both
sides. After I walked over the bridge, I came into a
resturant and saw my mother waitressing there and started
talking to her. Suddenly, while I was talking to her, I
realized that I went back in time and didn't see her
anymore. Then, I left the resturant and headed back towards
the apartment I started from thinking that my mom may be
back there. But, as I was heading back to the apartment, I
found that the bridge was gone.
     For some reason, I was afraid to walk across the river
and went to find another way there. Suddenly, I found myself
in another apartment and I saw a "Tails" plushie that
appeared to be with another plushie in blue (which I am not
sure if it was Sonic or Kane Fox) and a blue superball and a
red/brown superball. Then, suddenly someone came up behind
me and I feared them and left the apartment. After I left
the apartment, I became lost on the apartment grounds seeing
so many different ways to go and couldn't seem to find a way
out. Suddenly, I found myself in another apartment, and then
remembering that I left the "Tails" plushie and plushie "X"
(Which I think was a Kane Fox), and the blue and red/brown
superballs behind.
     Thinking of them, I suddenly saw then in the apartment
that I was in and took them and the superballs. Suddenly,
the someone that I feared appeared to be coming after me and
I went out the apartment window and slowly went up a hill.
After I went up the hill, I came to a road and started to
follow it. While I was following the road, it appeared that
I woke up and saw my mom. Then, I told her about this place
and the someone I feared and she went to look the place up
in the phone book by the location. After looking in the
phone book, she told me that she couldn't find no such
place. Then, I woke up for real.