Dream - 05/26/2001 (Influenced by Kane?)
I dreamt that I was carrying a big tree stick and turning
off the street and walking through a parking lot or grassy
area over a train track. Then, turning left, I walked
through what looked like a chain linked fence and a guard
stopped me and asked me to put the stick down. So, I
listened and dropped the stick. The guard then showed me to
another street that was beyond another chain linked fence to
the right. After I came to the street, I turned around and
said, "Sorry, if I scared you with the stick". "That's
okay", I think the guard answered. I then turned and
continued down the street and came across another, but
smaller, tree stick and picked it up and continued moving.
Then, I was stopped by someone who appeared to be wearing
blue (possibly Kane Fox) that asked to let him hold onto the
     After I gave this person the stick, I suddenly saw some
people who appeared to be in black coming toward us and the
person said to follow him. I decided to follow this person
(or Kane Fox) and he led me down the street until I came to
where the street appeared to look like a road and saw train
tracks to the right looking like they went over a bridge.
This person (or Kane Fox) then led me off the road and under
what appeared to be a stone walkway in a garden like area.
But, we turned to see that someone was right behind us and
we went inside a building. Then, we went up a couple flights
of stairs and (2 or 3) and came to where the person (or Kane
Fox) wanted me to go through what I think was a mirror in
this bathroom. But, for some reason we couldn't go through
and then he started to lead me back downstairs.
     As we were heading downstairs, the someone that was
after us was coming up the stairs and the person (or Kane
Fox) said for me to move something on the ceiling to reveal
a way to go where we need to go that way, and I climbed up
to fiddle with a light fixture that appeared to be screwed
in and then realized that I didn't have a screwdriver with
me when I tried to use my hands to unscrew the fixture. I
then came back down and the person (or Kane Fox) told me to
duck into this side room. As we were hiding in the side
room, the person that was after us came past us and
continued to head upstairs up the next flight of stairs.
After the person that was after us, the person (or Kane Fox)
that was with me led me back downstairs and outside. Once
outside, I saw him by a chain linked fence carrying what now
appeared to be a spear or sword.
     Then, I came back to the road and followed the road and
felt that I was walking towards my Grandma's house with the
someone (or Kane Fox) that was with me following me. I felt
that I was coming closer to my Grandma's house very quickly
and stopped at a place before my Grandma's house that was to
the right off of the road. In this place, I entered into a
classroom where some kids around 14-15 were taking a math or
science class that I felt was supposed to be taught to first
graders. Then, they were doing something out of the
textbooks and I appeared to be doing it with them. The
teacher suddenly was talking to me for some reason and then
left the classroom. After I left the classroom, I came to
where my mom appeared to be talking to someone else in a
living room. Then, I met her and found out that she was on
her way to Grandma's house.
     At this point, the someone with me (or Kane Fox)
disappeared for a movement as I went with my mom the rest of
the way to Grandma's house. In Grandma's house, I saw
someone was using a mirror that was hanging on the basement
door and trying to hold another mirror while he was trying
to chant something and open some sort of gateway. I decided
to help him and I took the mirror that he was holding and
moved it back and forth parallel to the other mirror that
was hanging on the basement door while he was chanting
something. But, nothing happened and then I saw that the
mirror on the basement door was dirty with smudges and asked
the someone if he needed to have this mirror cleaned for it
to work. He said something that might be the problem. Then,
I went into the kitchen and saw a bunch of people at the
table having what appeared to be lunch.
     Beyond the table, I saw an island thing with a sink and
cabinets in a square shape and on another basement door, I
saw another mirror hanging and when I looked in this mirror,
I saw someone who appeared to be wearing a light blue shirt
(the person who was with me or Kane Fox) in the reflection
of the table where the bunch of people were eating, but was
eating all alone. Then, I turned away from the mirror to the
table where the bunch or people are eating and saw that the
someone I saw in the mirror wasn't there and the chair that
he was sitting in empty. I then sat down in another empty
chair and said, "I saw someone in the mirror eating in the
empty chair". The only response I got was "There was no one
sitting there". Then, I began to visualize the someone I saw
in the mirror in the empty chair and he suddenly appeared in
the chair.
     But, when I asked, "Do you see him now?", the response
that I got was "No, we don't see anyone". Then, I went
outside and the person that was at the table wearing a light
blue shirt followed me. Outside, I saw the grass in
Grandma's yard overgrown and needed to be cut. Then, we left
Grandma's house and came back to the same street that I
handed the someone (or Kane Fox) with me the tree stick I
was carrying. I then turned around to see that the people in
black who were after me before were after me again. The
someone with me (or Kane Fox) said something that he set
some traps and I began trigging them with the someone with
me (or Kane Fox). Then, I watched as the stuff that I set
loose rolled down the hill and knocked the people in black
over. After watching the people in black getting knocked
over, we started to move and I suddenly woke up.