Dream - 05/24/2001 (Influenced by Kane?)
I dreamt that I was in some bedroom and looked through a
mirror to notice that there was a female with me. On the
desk, I saw that there was a picture of Kane Fox standing up
in a frame. Then, something happened and we went down to the
backdoor like after we heard something and came to when
there were a bunch of faceless people in black that looked
like monsters or vampires were after what appear to be some
sort of small animal (possibly a young fox). While I was
seeing the animal, I suddenly saw this entity that appeared
to be blue and white light that was atleast an inch in
diameter come out of the animal.
     Suddenly, I heard the laughing and giggling sounds of a
kid playing coming from the entity. Then, the entity went
into what looked like a worm or some sort of insect and
disappeared as the lady with me appeared to come back with
what seemed to be iodine in a cup and added water to it.
Then, the lady picked up the insect and we went back inside
before the monsters or vampires attacked us and went back up
to the bedroom. When I came back in the bedroom, I saw the
entity again and heard the laughing and giggling sounds of a
kid playing. Then, I saw the entity go back into the insect
again and disappear. The lady then put the insect in the
iodine and water mixture and I watch the insect choking and
drowning. Suddenly, I saw the entity leave the insect and
went back up into the room.
     Then, it suddenly became this young kid who appeared to
be 4-5 years old and the kid was talking to the lady with
me. Then, I said something calmly like, "I don't know how I
would be related to you", and I had the feeling of talking
to someone who had been dead for so long. Then, I looked and
saw the picture of Kane Fox and turned back to the kid. As I
was about to ask the kid if he was Kane Fox or if he was
related to it, I woke up.