Dream - 04/30/2001 (Influenced by Kane?)
This morning, I dreamt that I was in some sort of hotel
room. Then, the next thing I remember is traveling down to
an area where I saw a blue sky over a vast open basement
like area that appeared to be without the building on top of
it. Suddenly, I was getting into a car somewhere and leaving
and heading down a stretch of highway. Suddenly, the car
stopped and I was walking away from it and heading uphill to
a road that appeared to go over the highway. Then, it
appeared that I went over the highway and suddenly came to
an alleyway that appeared to have a stuffed toy that looking
like a brown fox. I picked it up and continued down the
alley. Suddenly, I was stopped by a little kid that appeared
to have a little bit of blue, but I couldn't really tell.
     I was looking down at the little kid and I felt that he
was giving me the impression that the stuffed fox is a
cherished toy of his and I gave the stuffed fox to him. I
couldn't tell if the kid was still with me, but it appeared
that he disappeared and I continued to follow the alley
until I came to what appeared to be my room or an area of
stuffed animals. Then, I was continuing down the alley again
and came to the same room or area of stuffed animals. After
a couple of times repeating the sequence of alley and
room/area of stuffed animals, I suddenly woke up. After I
woke up, I suddenly had the feeling that the stuffed fox was
this kid's cherished toy was because that the kid probably
wanted to be an anthropomorphic fox so bad that he had some
sort of experiment done with him that might have resulted in
him premature death.