Dream - 04/16/2001 (Influenced by Kane?)
This morning, I dreamt that I was riding in a buggy type
car. Suddenly, the buggy type car when into two (like Herby
from that one show) and I don't know how this part of the
car could still be moving without an engine, but it was
still moving and we came to what I thought was a toll plaza,
but it appeared to have a big parking lot. Suddenly, we went
into a turn to park, but it seemed that the turn was too
wide and hit a parked car causing it to slide forward a bit.
Suddenly, I saw that I was inside and someone wasn't happy
about the collision, and was put to work in this warehouse
place (To probably pay for damages).
     Suddenly, I found myself wearing what seemed to be a
plasticly jumpsuit (origin unknown?) and I was asked to
bring some sort of junk wood/plywood in this room. Suddenly,
I saw that I was outside and I picked way up like Hercules
what appeared to be a piece of plywood with boards still
stuck on the back of it. Then, I carried it into the
warehouse like room and suddenly didn't know where it goes.
Since I seem to have forgotten where the foreman wanted the
wood, I went to ask him. But, suddenly it seemed that he
became angry for some reason while he was pointing to me
that it goes in that one room where the other plywood was.
     Seeing that the foreman was angry, I started to leave,
but he appeared to come after me and I started running.
Suddenly, I went through a store type door with the glass
and moved through yet another big room. I kept moving and
felt that I just found another store type door that led
outside, but it led right into an indoor parking lot and I
kept moving. Suddenly, I felt that there were more people
after me and turned to see more people coming after me. I
continued moving until I came to another store type door
with the glass and suddenly felt that they were right on me
as I pushed on the door.
     Suddenly, I was in some area where I saw this man and
woman were what it seemed, touring the place. For some
reason, they didn't seem to see me and then ripped up the
plasticly jumpsuit. Then, suddenly the man and woman saw me
like I just took something off that was making me ghost
like. Then, I came up to them and I was urging them to get
me out of here, but the man wanted to get his wife who
suddenly seemed to be nowhere found. I then was like,
"Forget your wife, please get me out of he". Suddenly, it
seemed that he led me through another store type door with
the glass and came to where his vehicle was.
     For some reason, he didn't seem to see who was behind
me and was taking his time. So, I just forgot about the man
and kept moving. Suddenly, I found myself moving down a
grasslike yard to a street and turned around again to see
what it looked like ghost children were coming after me and
I kept moving. Suddenly, I came to the street and turned to
see only one particular child behind me. Looking at this
child, I saw that he was wearing blue like Kane Fox and saw
his tan like arm. Suddenly, I asked, "Have you come to take
me back in there?", while I was pointing back up the grassy
hill toward the strange looking place. Then, I felt that the
child said, "No, I want to get out of here too, follow me".
     Suddenly, I was with the child as I was heading across
the street and into some building. Then, we went through
another store like door with the glass and outside moving
down some sort of cobble stone walkway and came to some
metal steps going down. With the child still behind me, I
went down the steps and suddenly they turned to the left. I
went to the left and continued down the steps with the
child. Then, the stairs turned left again and we turned to
the left again. As I came to the bottom of the steps, I came
to where I was greeted by a couple of people.
     Suddenly, I felt that the people were trying to grab me
and suddenly heard the child saying, "This way". I jerked
away and we headed back up the steps. When we came back up
to the first landing, I suddenly saw the stairs go straight
down in the opposite direction and headed down them.
Suddenly, I was heading through a big field still with the
feeling that we are still being followed. Continuing to move
through the field with the child, I came to a house
surrounded by trees and headed inside. Suddenly, I saw that
I closed and locked the door with the child with me.
     As I was waiting there, I had the feeling that maybe
the people were gone and when I looked out the window, I saw
no one there and was quiet, too quiet. Then, I went to give
my thanks to the child (who I now after being awake feel
that he may have been an anthro fox, Kane Fox, in my heart).
Suddenly, I felt that someone was at the door and trying to
get in to get me, but as I was about to get out the back way
with the child and help him escape, I woke up.
     Currently, while I was writing this part, I feel a pain
of sadness in my heart that this child was Kane Fox and left
him in serious danger as I faded away leaving him behind in
that dream as if it still continued without me. If you know
how this feels and want to talk to be about anything that
may help me feel better about Kane Fox, please let me know.