Dream - 03/22/2001 (Influenced by Kane?)
This morning, I dreamt that I came to a window that needed
to be cleaned and started to clean it with a wash cloth.
After cleaning the window with the wash cloth, I noticed
that the window was a bit streaky and I took like a paper
towel to it and the window started looking like a picture
frame and it suddenly fell on me and became clear plastic.
Suddenly, I became entangled in the plastic, but luckily I
got out of it quickly. Then, I turned to see that the
plastic became blankets on the floor as I got up and went
into an open yard like area where it appeared to be Easter
Time and my mom, my niece, and a few furiends were having
some sort of celebration.
     Suddenly, I saw someone setting off what appeared to be
a lot of minature jets tied to each other by strings and I
heard them going off one by one like rockets shooting up
into the air. I looked up to see the rockets going up into
the air and engines igniting one by one as they disappeared
into the dark cloudiness above. Suddenly, I went inside
because I felt that I was afraid that those minature jets
are going to fall back down on me. When I went inside, it
appeared that I went down into the basement of my grandma's
house because I reconized a few things that gave me the
impression of it being the basement in my grandma's house.
Suddenly, it appeared that someone was taking a shower or
something upstairs and water was pouring into the basement
as I was looking around the basement.
     After I was looking around the basement, I came back
upstairs and found myself back in the open yard like area.
Suddenly, I had the feeling that those minature jets are
going to come down any second, but they didn't. Then, I
noticed some other ativities going on and I came over to
what appeared to be a toy box filled with plushies that I
reconized from Looney Tunes and some Misc. Disney
Characters. Suddenly, I noticed a plushie that looked
exactly like Monterey Jack from the Rescue Rangers and then
recalled the memory that I had the two Rescue Ranger
Chipmunks, Chip & Dale.
     Then, I began to search the toy box to see if there is
a plushie that looked like Gadget from the Rescue Rangers,
but didn't see it and started looking at the tush tag on the
Monterey Jack and saw that it says, "J. C. Penney, Reobeck &
Co. At that movement, I woke up and I was like "Oh man, that
was a dream". But, remembering what was on the tush tag, I
suddenly noticed that couldn't be possible because it would
be a crossover of J. C. Penney and Sears since Reobeck & Co.
came from Sears. If this plushie does exist, I might be
finding it in my grandma's house, but who knows.