Dream - 03/17/2002 (Influenced by Kane?)
This morning, I dreamt that I was in my grandma's house.
I was downstairs in the living room (where it is now) and
saw balls laying around that were mostly tennis balls, but
some baseballs and softballs. There were some others with
me, like my sister and someone who went by the name of Jon.
I recall that I had to do some cleaning and I went upstairs
to the northeast room to what it was over ten years ago.
Then, something not right caused me to leave and go back
     Downstairs, I went into the foyer where the coats were
hung and was looking outside the front of the house to see a
baseball laying in the grass nearby. Then, I turned and got
my coat on and left to go back in the living room. In the
living room, I ran into my sister and my mom wanting to
leave to go somewhere and I followed them out through the
kitchen to the car. Outside, I looked to see a couple tennis
balls down by nearby fence in a grassy area by the fence.
     Suddenly, I realized that I was wearing my coat without
my sweater and went back inside to find my sweater and fix
that. When I went back inside to find my sweater, I ran into
the Jon guy who wanted me to do something. I didn't want to
do it and wanted to take the ride with my mom instead. I
continued to try to find my sweater and the Jon guy was
saying, "Where are you going, come back here". This caused
me to frantically search for my sweater as I had feelings
that I'm going to get left behind if I don't hurry up.
     After a couple of minutes later, I gave up and headed
to the car. The Jon guy was behind me saying, "Get back
here, you aren't going anywhere". I went outside to get in
the car and I saw the car that appeared to be the white car
leaving without me and I started hurrying after it. I was
like running at a slowed speed down the driveway of my
grandma's house and heading to the street. While I was
heading to the street, the Jon guy was calling "You aren't
going with them" to me.
     The car with my mother and sister in it that I was
chasing didn't seem to stop as it pulled out of the
driveway. It made a right and was heading up the road. The
Jon guy was calling again, this time "stop, stop" to me.
Unable to catch the car, I decided that something wasn't
right and started to run in the opposite direction and was
running down the road in a slow speed. I turned around one
last time and it appeared that the white car turned around
to get me.
     I turned around and started in the opposite direction
and I quickly came up to my folks. It appeared that my mom,
dad, and sister were there with a couple relatives
(possibly ancestors). Feeling that it was a sign of relief,
we greeted each other and we headed to a store. Then, we
were in the store and it appeared that it was a pet store.
In the pet store, it appeared that I came up to a table with
wooden boxes on top containing mice. The mice looked like
cute little things and I was going to want to pet them.
     While I was looking at one of the nicer looking brown
mice, I had a feeling that this was myself in a way. Then, I
was looking to the right and saw mice wearing blue and some
that look like minature Kane Foxes. Seeing this, I looked
below to see what the mice were called and I saw the name
"Kane Fox" engraved in the wood. I looked up to see that it
appeared that one of the mice looked just like Kane Fox
wearing his blue clothing and looking like a fox.
     Here, I was thinking about Kane Fox and was going to
want to show somebody this. As I was about to leave to
perhaps get someone, I woke up. My thoughts on this was that
it was Kane Fox showing me that he still loves me for what
species I am in heart and that love is the bond and that
love is the law in this dream.