Dream - 03/08/2001 (Influenced by Kane?)
This morning I dreamt that I was in a big house that I
didn't reconize. Suddenly, I had the feeling something was
just purchased, but there was insufficent funds. Then,
someone came in showing me a deck of playing cards. Unlike
playing cards, it appeared to be a deck of 65 cards instead
of 52 cards. In the 13 extra cards, they appeared to be a
"magic card" which I think was either card #6 or card #7.
Looking at the card, it appeared to be yellow with no
strange symbols. Then, the way I wished on it was that I
said, "I wish for money", and then kissed the card.
     Suddenly, I have found sacks of money in the other
room, but then something happened to it and I was told to
find a hidden safe in a wall where there appeared to be
selves for holding paperwork, books, or stuff from a
library. I was about to move stuff and cut the wall when I
needed to find that card and wish the safe was full of gold
because I felt the person would be upset if there wasn't
anything in the safe. Then, when I went into the other room
to get the magic card, I had company and felt that they
shouldn't know that I used the magic card to put gold in the
safe. So, I then left to wait until the coast was clear and
found myself outside by a strange car driven by what I think
was an anthropomorphic fox that showed me another set up the
playing cards that also had the magic card.
     As I was about to pick up the card, someone came
outside after me and I left again. The next thing I remember
is the person heading around the block like a complete
numskull. Then, I returned to the car that I think was
driven by an anthropomorphic fox and picked up the card and
said, "I wish from the priest that the safe was full of
gold". Then, I kissed the card and put it down. After I put
the card down, I went inside and someone caught me and said,
"You said something about a priest, didn't you use the
card?". "No, I didn't say anything at all", I responded.
"Let's hope that is true, and continue opening that safe",
the someone continued.
     The next thing I remember I was back preparing to drill
through the wall to the safe and I was moving stuff to get
at the wall. As I was preparing to cut the way to the safe,
I woke up. Currently, I think this dream may have a
connection to Kane.