Dream - 03/05/2002 (Influenced by Kane?)
This morning, I dreamt that I came from somewhere and
arrived at my grandma's house and it appeared that I was
outside in the yard facing north towards my grandma's house.
To the left beside my grandma's house appeared to be a
garden of some sort. Then, somehow I left again and trying
to return I came to a road at night time with a lot of trees
on the right side of it. Seeing the trees, I turned on the
flashlight and was shining it all around the trees like I
was looking for something to appear and it seemed that it
was that I was looking for Kane Fox.
     Then, I headed in a direction towards home and it
appeared that I had a false awaking where I woke up in a car
and was at an old house where I used to live and the first
house I moved into when I first moved into town from out of
town. Then, I found myself another flashlight and was
shining the light outside on nearby trees again looking for
something to appear like Kane Fox. It was daytime out and
the light from the flashlight was still showing like if it
was dark.
     It appeared that the driver's said door has been locked
with the window cracked a bit. Then, I looked outside of the
car and saw the tree that used to be in that yard before it
was cut down for real. Looking at the tree, I saw what
appeared to be thousands of blackbirds landing on the tree
and taking off again in a hurry. Then, it appeared that
there was something in the tree destroying it as it appeared
to be these huge ants as I could hear some buzy like if they
were a lot of bees.
     Then, the tree feel down to the ground over a fence and
it appeared that the top of it was in the house, but the
house wasn't being effected like the tree was cutting into
another world right at the wall of the house. The crash of
the tree caused me to become scared enough to lock the
passenger door and roll of both winders. Then, a minute of
so later the landlord that I had when I lived at that house
appeared to be pulling in behind me. Suddenly, something
happened and the car that I was in went into reverse and was
rolling out of the driveway.
     The car then backed out to the right and continued
turning and was going reverse into the landlords driveway.
Luckily, he wasn't in there yet and the car kept backing to
the right and went right through a fence. Then, it finally
stopped when it finally hit a tree. After that, it was
sometime later and I was getting Care Bears to bring to my
grandma's house. I grabbed a lot except for a select few and
was heading to grandma's on foot. I was then passing on the
road that had a lot of trees to the right side of it.
     Then, I was coming to my aunt's house and it appeared
that there was snow on the grows melting and was cold out.
Inside my aunt's house, it appeared that it was warm and I
sat the Care Bears down. I felt that the road to my
grandma's house is upstairs and that I had to walk through a
tv screen. I felt that once I go through the tv screen, I
would be out on the road again towards my grandma's house. I
went upstairs to see what I had to do and I became scared
once I was upstairs.
     Here, I was little afraid that I will need my coat on
while walking through the tv screen as it will suddenly be
cold on the other side of it. Then, I had another fear which
was upon returning. It was that I was afraid that I will
have to brave a sudden scenery change to the house coming
back. I went back downstairs to get the Care Bears and
suddenly noticed that I was missing a Care Bear that I
needed to bring along and was going to head home to get it.
I went into the kitchen looking for my aunt to tell her.
     While I was looking for my aunt, I was suddenly on the
top floor of a police building taking some sort of police
test. One of the things that I had to do was go downstairs
to the eighth floor to fetch a document. I went to the
elevator and took it downstairs to the eighth floor. At the
reception deak, I went to ask for the paper via the police
name for it which I believe was "Illuminati Paper" and gave
me it. Then, I headed back to the elevator and took it back
     Back upstairs, I was hoping to find the police squad
that I was taking the test with, but came across a group of
people that I didn't reconized. I felt for some reason that
these were the "Illuminati" and they suddenly started to
come after me. It appeared that they saw the paper and
wanted to take me. I was refusing and I wanted to get to the
right floor as apparently I was on the wrong floor that I
felt was the top floor where that police squad was that I
was taking the test with was supposed to be.
     I was leaving and was heading downstairs on the
elevator to get out of the building away from these
"illuminati" creeps. Once I was downstairs, I thought that I
was safe, but they followed me and were wanting to take me
back upstairs to join them. I was trying to refuse and get
away, but then at the time gave in and went into the
elevator. Once in the elevator again with a few of these
creeps while the rest took either the stairs or another
elevator upstairs.
     Back upstairs and once the elevator door opened, I ran
to a window and jumped out of it. It appeared that I was
wearing a rocket powered set of gliding wings and was flying
away. I was hoping that this was the way to escape. I tried
to keep flying like I would fly straight to my grandma's
house. Then, I was getting closer and closer to the ground
and I landed on the ground. I thought that I was free from
those "illuminati" creeps, but I was wrong and one was
behind me and we fought each other.
     Somehow I knocked the creep out and was taking the
creep's body to a little boy that was holding a "batman"
figure and was wearing some blue. I said, "Here is a creep
that the batman should be taking care of". The response from
the little boy was "He will be taking care of him, that's
what batman does". For some reason, I thought that was the
little boy was Kane Fox and was going to get a rid of that
creep in some way. After I left the creep there with the
boy, the boy appeared to be handcuffing the creep to
something just before I woke up.