Dream - 03/03/2001 (Influenced by Kane?)
This morning, I had another dream I think was influenced by
Kane because I dreamt that I was riding in a van with many
rows of seats with someone with me (Guardian?) watching a
fox cub in the back. After what appeared to be a while of
driving, we suddenly pulled off the road and stopped. After
we stopped, the driver who appeared to be male, got out
along with me and the someone that was watching the fox cub
got out as well with the fox cub and was carrying it in
their arms. The person with the fox cub appeared to be
female (Guardian Nikki Mouse Perhaps?).
     After we got out of the van, we went into what appeared
to be a store and I heard the manager say something like,
"That's a nice critter you got there". The next thing I
remember is the girl getting food or something for the fox
cub and the male driver paying for it. Then, the next thing
I remember is getting back in the van with the female
carrying the fox cub after the driver was in the driver's
seat and closing the sliding van door closed. At this point
I was seeing things just about in lucid and saw that a
couple rows of seats were missing and placed a couple of
dinning room chairs in the open spots.
     Unfortunately, they appeared to be only enough to fix
one row. Suddenly, I heard the female was saying something
about giving the fox cub "Sylic Greens" to stablize it's
current condition, but I wasn't sure what she meant and
probably just wanted to feed the fox cub. Then, the next
thing I remember is looking out the window is seeing water
like a river below and straight ahead looked like a railroad
trestle going behind a small hill on the other side of the
river. While I was watching the scenery moving slowly in the
opposite direction we were moving, we came to a stop.
     The next thing I remember is being outside the van
walking along ground that appeared to have patches of snow
on it. I don't remember what I was sent for, but when I
returned to the van, I suddenly got the impression that the
greens were gone and something was happening to the fox cub.
The next thing I remember is coming into a town and suddenly
seeing a video game map showing that we just made a round
trip to a coastly place and back to the town we started
from. Suddenly, I realized that something was very wrong and
that the female who was watching the fox cub gave me a jewel
necklace and said something about if I were to remove it, I
would automatically be dead. Then, she told me to go see the
gypsy on the level above the inn. Just as I was heading up
to the second floor above the inn, I got the impression that
everyone is now wearing jewel necklaces that are protecting
them from the death that was all around the place. But, what
was the cause for the death?, the fox cub? I may never know
for sure because at that point, I woke up.
     After I woke up, I was looking through an old
dictionary of the english language that I had to find out
what foxes eat and saw that they are carnivals that eat
mostly small game and chickens. Then, it came to me that
greens are what are fed to the chocobos in Final Fantasy VII
and that didn't seem right for a carnival to eat that unless
if he was a vegetarian. Then, I tried to look up the word
(sylic) in the dictionary and found it to not be in there
and was probably in latin.