Dream - 02/27/2002 (Influenced by Kane?)
This morning, I dreamt that I arrived at my grandma's house
with my mom and my mom was the only one that went into my
grandma's house this time. While I was waiting outside, I
looked around to see a car moving along a driveway in the
woods and wondered why we never went that way. I was also
thinking about ideas for a story I was doing with Kane Fox.
Then, my mom came back and there was a bike outside that she
wanted to take home with me. She had something else in her
hands that she put in the back of the car.
     My mom first said, "We will have to come back for the
bike". But, when she saw that there was room, she said, "We
can bring the bike now if you want to". The bike was then
loaded into the back of the car and then we were home. At
home, it was like that I have woke up from sleeping and what
I thought was my sister's dog was running around a table.
The dog was asked to knock it off by someone. Then, I was at
a window and saw some sort of delivery truck pulling into a
driveway around a house down the street.
     It seemed that he was dealing with some sort of tangle
up with what seemed to be sticky box tape and came over
here. I felt that he may be Kane Fox who needed me to fix
that while he was at the TV or something. I went back at the
window, and it seemed that I was able to reach and fiddle
with the tangle up as if it was right there. In my hand, I
got a pair of scissors and was trying to cut the tangle. But
instead, the tangle came free and I didn't need the
     I went into the living room to let the person who I
feel may have been Kane Fox know that the tangle up was
taken care of. When I came in the living room, it appeared
that he was on TV and was in TV land. Since there was some
sort of a show going on and it appeared that a couple of my
family members were watching it, I decided to wait. When the
show ended, the person came back out and it seemed that he
can switch bodies and he appeared to be a kid with blue.
Then, it appeared that we went downstairs to try to find a
dolls body to see if that would work.
     When I was downstairs, I found a naked doll that I
stuck the head and arm back on. After fixing the doll, my
mom needed me to put clothes on the doll. Then, it appeared
that she was putting the clothes on the doll. I put the doll
down at the foot of what appeared to be a slide ending with
a bed of cushons. Then, I saw that the kid who I now felt
was Kane Fox slide down the slide and I was right behind
him. Suddenly, it appeared that we went from one side of the
room to the other and it appeared that I had the doll in
front of me.
     Then, I saw something about "immitation" and looked up
to see my mom dressing a stuffed bunny and something else
with baby clothes as she appeared to have my niece and
nephew with her. I felt that she wanted to change them to
the dolls the same way Kane just did. Then, I saw the slide
across the room and I went over there to see the body of a
kid not moving at all. I felt that this was Kane before he
became the doll and the kid body is now lifeless appearing
to be in suspended animation. While I was looking at that
and thinking of what is next, I woke up.