Dream - 02/25/2002 (Influenced by Kane?)
This morning, I dreamt that I was riding with my mom and we
stopped at a store. I was looking around the store and
getting something that my mom needed. Then, I was going to
leave and I headed towards the checkout counter. While on my
way there, a clerk was directing me elsewhere in the store
and I started to follow. When I began following the clerk,
something caused me to become scared and I headed out of the
store. Once outside the store, I got back in the car with my
mom and we headed to my grandma's house.
     The next thing that was happening, we were heading down
the highway. In the car, I saw a couple of my bunny
plushies. Then, we were at my grandma's house. After coming
to my grandma's house, I came into the kitchen looking for
my grandma. Then, I was upstairs in the attic getting into
bed with my Susan and gregg Bunny plushies nearby. After I
was in bed, I woke up.