Dream - 02/14/2002 (Influenced by Kane?)
This morning, I dreamt that I was in a wooded area running
and leaving the area like something happened and I was
scared away. Then, I went into my grandma's house. Suddenly,
it was night and I was in the same room that is now a
library/den. But it appeared to be the room as it was when I
was young. In the room, it was dark because the lights were
out and I was making myself a spot and seeing if I can go to
sleep. As I was making myself a bed on the floor to sleep, I
felt that Kane was nearby and probably spending the night
there with me.
     I went to look outside through a window and saw that a
helicoper was flying around and had its search light on at
times. Looking at the helicopter flying, I could barely hear
the sound of the helicopter flying. At this point, I was
thinking of what was happening earlier and had thoughts of
being on a street sometime ago and trouble started causing
me to flee and scared. I stopped thinking and went in the
other direction, to find a couch which appeared that my
grandmother was sitting there. Then, I found that she left a
bowl of cereal on the coffee table and I picked it up.
     I was back at the window and seeing the helicopter and
I was doging the light because I felt unsafe going in it at
the time. It appeared that I was fooling with a screen
window for a couple seconds as I thought that there was
something outside at ground level. Then, I had the feeling
that someone was with me on the inside watching me, probably
Kane Fox as I was sensing a friend like my sister. Then, it
appeared that the helicopter was going in the opposite
direction and leaving the area as it couldn't find anything
there. After that, I turned away to go back in the dark to
go to sleep. As I went to lay down, I woke up.