Astral Dream -- 01/27/2001
I have just woken up from a disturbing dream. I dreamt this very strange
dream where I recall going into this apartment complex and going up to a
really high floor. Then, I remember walking through this hallway (with
someone I don't know?) and showed to this apartment room. Suddenly, someone
said something about going somewhere (I think) and I dropped a set of keys
outside the window. Suddenly, I keys entered into subspace (Star Trekker
words) or something as there disappeared into a riffle of the vision of
looking down from a very high building. The surrounding city in my vision
appeared to be a futuristic city. Suddenly, I saw that I was at ground
level as I saw someone catch the keys as they reappeared. The next thing
that happened was that I appeared to be outside somewhere in a jungle
surrounding and listening to someone saying something like, "Please stay
put as your dream may wear off soon.". This suddenly told me that I was in
a dream as I was seeing everything in crystal clarity. Then, I heard
someone saying that souded like, "We are doing an experiment here".
     At this point, I felt like that I was being hunted and suddenly I was
in some sort of basement/warehouse surrounding when I picked up this
bat/club and came back towards someone who appeared to be bulk with
muscles. At this point, I don't know what happened to my weapon as the
person said something like, "As you are about to fissle out from your
dream, please don't forget to wash your (hands?) after you get up or you
will smell". At this point, I felt really scared as I felt that someone may
have accessed and messing with my dreams. Suddenly, I found my self
emerging from a sublevel place and getting into a car with someone else I
didn't know (to probably get away from the intruder, I think). Suddenly, I
was in the back seat of a car as I was cruising down the street I used to
live at until we came to a red traffic light (that I don't remember seeing)
and stopped.
     Suddenly, I was going again down some really strange road and suddenly
I had the feeling we went the wrong away. The driver must have felt the
same as they were making a really fast U-turn. Suddenly, I was flown from
the car. Seeing the car stop, I went and got back in. Then, someone said,
"Please don't forget to put on the strapper". Suddenly, I realized
something. In this dream world, the strapper was just like the seat belt in
the waking world. Then, I put it on and the person said, "Wouldn't Joey be
supprised to see you wearing the strapper". Suddenly, I saw us going by
another car. Then, as we continued to cruise along, the dream started to
fizzle and go blurry as I woke up.
     At this point, I felt really scared as I might be dealing with some
sort of intruder here as I found out that I was really was in a dream. The
strange and luckiest thing here is that I woke up in my room that is in a
farmhouse in the country and not in some sort of experimental lab in some
sort of machine. Then, I started to remembered my friend Sandra who gave me
a teddy bear from past troubles. Suddenly, I recalled a trolling I went
through that Sandra helped me out of, one that I feel that I somehow still
don't trust her completely as the troller tried to point to her as the
person responsible for this "Ellipsis Dreamhost" thing that I since proved
to be a fake. Thinking of my past experience, I felt that what if there was
something out there messing with me and others that my friend isn't telling
me about. Suddenly, I remembered my other friend whose personal furry is a
mouse just like me whose name is Monique Mouse. Monique Mouse was a good
friend who stood up for me in the past when I was being harassed and she
picked out this plush purple mouse that she saw on an auction site that she
thought was very cute, which I then bought and named it Monique Mouse after
my friend.
     Feeling that Monique Mouse is the only one that I trust fully with my
heart, I brought the plush Monique Mouse over to me to hug it and try to
get back to sleep. Suddenly, I felt teary to myself since I haven't heard
from Monique Mouse for almost a month now and thought to myself, "Where is
she when I need her the most?". While I was lying there and hugging Monique
Mouse to try to get back to sleep, I starting feeling better as if the
plush was combating my inner fears of the dream and no one believing me on
this one. Since it was almost six in the morning, I decided to get up to
write this down and left my bedroom. Suddenly, I stopped at the bathroom
remembering words from my dream saying, "Wash your hands after your dream
or I will smell". For some strange reason, I did it anyway as I still felt
that something is not quite right. Currently, I still feel that there was
some sort of intruder here.